What can I expect?

Expect a very unique experience and the chance to compete for amazing prizes. Think of it as buying a raffle ticket for a Ferrari but you have control over the outcome of that ticket. You control the outcome by giving your best driving time behind the wheel. Each event will be set up on a large piece of pavement around major cities of the Northeastern US in what is called an Autocross. Each course is unique, so we set a benchmark time that you must beat in order to advance onto the next round.   You will show up to an event with your pre-registered confirmation number and time and shortly after get into a car. The rest is up to you!

What is Autocross event?

Autocross course is a driving skill contest that emphasizes the driver's abilities and the car's handling components. The course designated by traffic cones on a low hazard location, such as a parking lot or inactive airstrip, gives the driver the ability to achieve this. While speeds are no greater than those of legal highway driving, the combination of concentration, reaction, talent and the car’s capabilities are a recipe for an adrenaline pumping experience.

How old do I need to be?

18+ with a valid drivers license.

Do I need to bring my own car?

Only to get to the event! We will supply the cars.

Do I need to know anything about racing?

No. We provide a professional driving instructor in each car to help you navigate and get you comfortable.  The cars are all automatic transmissions.

What do I wear?

The same clothes that you would wear to drive to the grocery store.
Closed toe shoes are required.

How many laps do I get?

As many as you want to purchase. Laps are sold in blocks of 3 in advance and then in additional single laps at the event. If you are not satisfied with your time you can always buy more at the event.

How many times can I enter events?

As many as you like. If you want to get your time up higher later in the year you can register for any event nationwide and work to increase your time. 

How long will I be at the event?

It all depends how many laps you purchased. You are welcome to hang around all day if you would like but the drivers advancing will be notified via email later that evening.

When will the Ferrari and other cars be given away?

After the final event at the end of year.  

Refund Policy

We have a NO refund policy. Contest will be voided if less than 100 participants sign up within the first year, refunds may be requested under this circumstance.